Monetize your website with peace of mind.

Automatically display ads on your site

Sellers are selected for you, displayed wherever you want on your site.

Save precious time

The search for advertisers is done by us, for you.

An exclusive network of sellers who share your values

Selected advertisers, in tune with your readership.

Works of art

A virtuous ecosystem

Benefit from a regular income, by valuing the sellers who look like you.

Seamless integration
with your site

By yourself easily,
or by us for free

Select advertisers to display

Quick and easy settings

Let ads run

An automated rotation of visuals, and your income paid out each week


  • How do I integrate Helium into my site?
    You can do it yourself easily by adding a line of code, or we help you completely and for free.
  • Can I invite my own advertisers?
    Sure. You can ask advertisers you believe in to join the program and take advantage of the network.
  • What if I disagree with advertised products?
    You have the permanent and simple possibility of filtering an advertiser / theme or of requesting a modification of the visual. In addition, all ads respect a charter, and are checked by our team.
  • Complete respect for privacy?
    Indeed: we use no 3rd-party cookies nor any tracking!

Who are we?

Helium is made up of a team motivated to ensure regular income for news sites through targeted and automated advertising.

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